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The areas of Kashgar and Kizilsu are blessed by both mountains and glaciers.In addition,the Pamirs,Kunlun Mountains and Karakunlun Mountains are rich with glaciers.
In the eastern part of the Pamirs,there are huge glacier belts,covering an are of more than 2200 square kilometers,of which the area of Gonger-Mustagh glacier accounts for 635 square kilometers.The whole mountains are almost covered by ice as thick as 100 meters.Kekxili glaciers at the eastern slope of Mustagh Peak,Jiangbulak Glaciers at the northwest and Kelaya-Kela glaciers from three grand glaciers belts.They stretch as long as 20 kilometers,looking magnificent.
Glaciers and huge layers of ice are in Karakunlun Mountain,of which the famous Yingsugait glaciers have the reputation of the longest glaciers belt in China,the length is 40.2 kilometers.On the contrary,the Qigelazi Glaciers is the lowest glacier in terms of its altitude in China.Some glaciers are open to the tourist,among which Jangbulak Glaciers is a famous glaciers park.


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