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Three Rivers' Fountainheads Nature Reserve

The opening ceremony of Three Rivers’ Fountainheads Nature Reserve was held by the Ministry of Agriculture for the Three-river Source Nature Reserve in Qinghai Provice's Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture on August 19, 2000. It is China's largest nature reserve and protects the sources of the Yangtze River, Yellow River and Lancang Rvier. The name of the reserve, “Three Rivers Source Nature Reserve”, has been written in calligraphy by President Jiang Zemin to be utilized as a symbol in front of the reserve. Located at an average of 4000 meters above sea level, the source of the three rivers in Qinghai province includes an area of 362,000 square kilometers. It is calculated approximately that 25% of the Yangtze River, 49% of the Yellow River and 15% of the Lancang River originated from this source. At the same time, this region also has the uppermost concentration of geographically various high-altitude animals in the world. More than 70 different original species to Qinghai and Tibet can be seen in this reserve including Tibetan antelopes and Tibetan wild donkeys. The Three Rivers’ Fountainheads Nature Reserve covers 318.000 square kilometers, with 62.000 square kilometers covering the main area 50.000 square kilometers covering the shield region, and 206,000 square meters covering the experiment area. It is said that this is the largest nature reserve in Asia. The Three Rivers’s Fountainheads Nature Reserve includes 16 counties and 5.6 million inhabitants.
The Source of Yellow River, “From the heavens flow down the current of Yellow River”; the “ heavens” here stand for Qinghai, which is the roof of the world. The sources of two big rivers reveal the unique scene of the plateau. As the cradle of Chinese people, the Yellow River stems from Kariqu, the northern foot of Bayankala Mountains, with an altitude of 4830 meters. The source is made up of many springs. It seems that high mountains jump onto the skies far in the distance. This white snow world gives birth to the persistent and uncontrollable golden dragon, which originated the marvelous Chinese civilization.
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