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Nianbaoyuze National Geopark

Qinghai Nianbaoyuze National Geopark located at the southwestern part of Jiuzhi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai, and 40 km from Jiuzhi, occupied an area of 800 km2. Nianbaoyuze is made up of numberless mountains more than 4,000m above the sea level. Nianbaoyuze's main peak, wrapped in snow all year round and at an altitude of 5369 m. It is said that the mountain is the birthplace of the local Tibetans, so it is worshiped by the Tibetan as a god mountain. The Geopark is a wonderful place of scientific education and tourism, which integrated natural and human sciences. such as blue sky, white cloud, green water, snow mountains, thermal springs, steep cliffs, waterfalls, elegant peaks, Tibetan Buddism and so on. It is made up by four subdivisions which include Fairy Lake in the north, Rigancuo Lake in the northeast, Moon Lake in the east and Emucuo Lake in the south. These geological heritages mainly include glacial erosion landforms moronic landforms and contemporary glaciers from penultimate Ice Age. The weather here is changeable. You may also appreciate the change of the four seasons in July and August, so it is well-known in the world and becomes the ideal destination for the adventurers and mountain climbers around the world.
In 2005, Qinghai Land and Resources Bureau, Environmental Geological Prospecting Bureau and people’s Bureau of Jiuzhi County carried out some scientific research, and exhibited valuable environmental resources to the public. It was ratified as a national Geopark by Ministry of Land and Natural Resources on September 19. 2005.
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