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Mor Buddhist Stupa

Mor Buddhist Stupa was a part of the famous ancient temple,which is located 29 kilometers northeast of Kashgar City.In 1957,it was designated as the regional-level historical relics protection site of the Tang Dynasty.It is predicated that there buildings might well have been burnt down by fire.A t present,only two wrecked Stupas are standing side by side.
   Two Stupas on the southeast was’Guidebo’in Indian Buddhist architecture which was used for storing’Shelizi’.It has a cylinder column of 12.8 meters high and a square bottom with 12.3 meter long and wide and 8.4 in hall.The one on the northwest looks loke an inverted chapter,which is wide in bottom but small on the top.The wreckage is still 7 meters high.Here are niched in the front and both sides,in which statues of Buddha were placed.
   Near the Mor Buddhist Stupa,lines of wrecked houses still remain,which were said to be used as bedrooms of monks.Besides,a row of Karez well-system,with some kilometers long and hundred wells,going round the hill-foot of the Stupa on the right side,is a splendid scenery.
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